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Institut Africain de Suivi et d'Evaluation d'Impact des Politiques Programmes et Projets de Développement (African Institute for Monitoring and Evaluation of the Impact of Development Policies, Programs and Projects), commonly known as "Le Baromètre", is a legal entity under private law, legally constituted and registered in the Republic of Benin under the number RCCM RB/COT/21 B 29308, with its head office in Cotonou.


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LE BAROMETRE is made up of a young, dynamic team, characterized by their innovative spirit, passion for excellence and constant willingness to take on challenges with determination. Their contagious energy and collaborative approach create a stimulating environment where innovative ideas flourish, making them an invaluable asset to our organization.



Facilitate access to and use of the evidence produced.



Set the standard for the design and management of digital platforms for monitoring and evaluating public policies, programs and development projects.



Collective Intelligence, Innovation, Respect and Trust

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2012: Design of the Barometer as part of FIDEXI-Conseil's independent evaluation services.

Historically, Le Baromètre has been conceived since 2012 as the independent evaluation services department of FIDEXI-Conseil (Fiduciaire d'Expertise et d'Ingénierie Conseil). This department has regularly conducted evaluation data collection operations for the World Bank's Gender Innovation Lab (GIL), supported teams of researchers to conduct evaluations of projects and programs in Benin

2018: Barometre selected by US firm Mathematica Policy Research to conduct enumeration data collection

But in 2018, this department was selected by the American firm Mathematica Policy Research to conduct its largest and most complex enumeration data collection operation in preparation for the impact evaluation of the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA)-financed electric power generation and distribution program in Benin. Having successfully completed this work, the department was later selected to collect baseline data for the same evaluation.

Our mission

Institut Le Baromètre specializes in the monitoring and evaluation of the impact of development interventions, as well as the design, implementation and management of digitalized, integrated and dynamic monitoring-evaluation systems. To this end, the institute supports development organizations and projects in setting up digitalized monitoring-evaluation platforms that generate dynamic databases. The Barometer provides technical support tailored to the capacity-building needs of project managers, decision-makers and political authorities in the production, accessibility and use of evidence-based data from impact monitoring and evaluation in all development sectors. Our services are calibrated to international norms and quality standards, and we work to make dynamic panel databases, project results and evidence specific to Sustainable Development Goal indicators accessible in real time to decision-makers and other development stakeholders. In so doing, we help to facilitate decision-making in the formulation and implementation of public policies, development programs and projects. In terms of institutional and organizational capacities, our services and digital solutions can be deployed in all French-speaking African countries, but they are also relevant and applicable to many other contexts around the world.

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